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Online Keno 2018 Guide - Everything You Need Know

Online Keno 2018 Guide - Everything You Need Know

As far as casino games go, Keno could not be any simpler. A player chooses a set of numbers in the hope of guessing the very numbers a randomised computer will execute; a style of lotto if you will, except for the fact that Keno is instant, which therefore makes it possible to play one game after another. The entertainment factor is huge, especially because one can play in a casino while he or she is dining or having a drink or socialising with others. Casino staff are even available to take a player's ticket and bring back a player's winnings if a player is sitting away from a monitor showing the game or playing at another table or game. Keno at a casino can take a few different styles. One is the computer monitor using a random number generator to execute the winning numbers  another is numbers being selected manually through an urn, and another two ways operate with air and suction shuffling the numbers and selecting them at complete random stages of the shuffle.

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What should you know about Online Keno? 

Keno is a game which is similar to a lottery. 

You can opt to play multiple tickets at one go. 

It's best to stick to a selection of 6-8 numbers. 

What are Keno's origins?

Keno has one of the more evolved histories out of any casino game and in fact, the Keno story can be divided into two main parts:

  • Ancient Keno History

Around the year 200 BC, ancient Chinese scrolls tell of a ruler, Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty, who invented a game similar to Keno. The story goes that Leung's city was engulfed in war for many years and running out of money and supplies. The myth states that the citizens of Mr. Leung's city no longer wanted to contribute to war funds. To raise money for supplies, Mr Leung invented a game very similar to Keno, except instead of using 80 numbers he used 120 symbols. The game was an instant success and helped save the city. Keno is also rumoured to have helped fund the building of the Great Wall. In ancient China, Keno used to be known as the White Pigeon game. Apparently, carrier birds were used to deliver the winning numbers from the big city to the small village.

  • Modern Keno History

Keno came to America with Chinese immigrants, many of whom settled on the West Coast in places like San Francisco during the middle of the 19th century. With this influx of immigrants came an abundance of Chinese culture. The game continued to be played in America and soon it became known as the 'Chinese lottery.' At first, Keno had problems penetrating mainstream America, mainly because the 'Chinese lottery' was still played with symbols. As the lottery evolved into its current numbers form its popularity exploded. Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931; however, lotto was not legal in casinos. To bypass the law, casinos changed the name from the 'Chinese lottery' to 'horse racing keno'. The idea was that instead of lotto a player had to choose a horse with a number and hope that the horse came in when randomly selected. Soon the state government created a law taxing off-track gambling and the sharpies in the Nevada casinos had to quickly adapt. They changed the name again, this time to simply Keno, or Online Keno, which is what the game is called today.

How do I play Keno?

Learning how to play Keno is fairly straight-forward! In Keno a player needs to select between 4 to 10 numbers out of any number between 1 and 80, either at random, or as numbers of the player's choice, in the hope that they will be the same numbers generated by the machine he or she is playing at. A player is not limited to one ticket and in fact, playing multiple tickets at multiple wagers would increase a player's probability of winning. In some casinos, a player is limited to a number of selections he or she may make per line, but this is not always the case, and there are plenty of online casinos which let one pick his or her entire selection of numbers in direct sequence.

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Why play Online Keno?

online kenoWell just like every other online game, it's advantage is that a player can play whenever he or she likes, for whatever length of time, and from any location they want. There is no need for major preparations to get out of the house and commute. That is the advantage of all games online, but that is not all that gives online Keno an advantage over the regular playhouse version: when a player plays Keno in a playhouse or casino, he or she relies on there having to be other people playing at the same time if they want to socialise or communicate with anybody. Therefore Keno when not played online can be rather lonely as far as gaming is concerned, considering one does not need opponents to play; some online Keno providers offer players a chat feature so that they can play and socialise at the same time. As an added bonus, online Keno providers generally offer the option of placing smaller bets, whereas at a casino, a player may be forced to play a higher minimum bet. And lastly, in online Keno one does not have to wait to have a ticket checked for wins because wins are automatically awarded before the next round begins.

Can you use strategy when playing Keno?

Well, no. The game operates at random. Of course, as with most other gaming structures, the more you bet the more you win back, but it is just like a lottery, your chance at winning are literally a gamble which in itself is the reason why players find Keno to be so exciting. The element of luck brings great joy to winners! A person playing for the first time, has the same chance of winning as somebody who has been playing the game for 10 years. And every number has the same chance of being selected as the rest, with the exception of consecutive numbers since each of them have one more chance of being selected than their predecessors but this in itself is too negligible to really factor in particularly as players choose their numbers at one go at the start of the game.

Where can I play online Keno?

There might be no strategy involved, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't discriminate between casinos to play at. Here at CasinoToplists, we have a selection process that we employ in order to bring forth suggestions to you based on which is the best casino to play at. If you want to shop around for yourself, always look out for the casinos offering you the best payout percentage, which ones offer a chat facility in Keno if that is something that is important to you, what bonuses are available from the casino and more importantly which of those bonuses can be availed by playing at online Keno. It would also be great to choose those Online Keno tables that offer progressive jackpots, that way your winnings at that table, provided you are playing at top dollar stand a chance of being truly great.

Online Keno - THE VERDICT

All in all a fantastic game to play which lends itself very well to online gaming. With online keno, you are guaranteed hours of fun, whenever and wherever you want, with the least effort entered and some truly great wings indeed. If you are a player who does not fancy complicated odds being calculated, prefers games that start and end quickly and dislikes technical jargon to boot, complete with a random number generator that ensures you with full security and stability, then online keno is definitely the game for you! 

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