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No Deposit Bonus 2020 - Get a Casino Bonus With No Deposit!

The no-deposit bonus is easily the most searched for and sought after bonus in the online casino world. It’s not hard to figure out why. It’s FREE money for you to play at an online casino with. And who doesn’t want that? There’s more good news: A lot of safe online casinos offer very good no-deposit bonuses that really give you a great chance to try out casino games for free. All you need is the right bonus code to do it!

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Social Sweepstake Casino for US players

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What is a No Deposit Casino?

What exactly is a no-deposit bonus at an online casino? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a bonus you can receive without having to deposit any money into your online casino account.

It seems too good to be true, but it really is that simple. You create a new account at an online casino and they will actually put free money you can use for casino play into your account before you ever deposit a dime.

Casinos aren’t known for giving money away, so you’re probably asking yourself right now what’s the catch? The short answer is, as, with all things in life, it’s in the small print. This no-deposit bonus will likely be restricted in some form.  That being said, though, it will still ultimately be real money with which you can gamble at an online casino.


What should you know about No Deposit Bonuses?

  •   No-Deposit Bonuses are bonuses you as a player can acquire without even having to deposit money. Essentially, this is free money from the casino!
  •   These types of bonuses are by far the most popular bonuses on offer at casinos due to the fact that you're able to test games without any sort of commitment.
  •   Typically, no deposit bonuses can't be withdrawn until you've met specific playing requirements.
  •   No deposit casinos frequently feature free casino games including Slots, Blackjack, Free Keno and more.

How Much Can I Get for a No-Deposit Casino Bonus?

cash bonus

No-deposit bonuses will vary from casino to casino but you can expect to find no-deposit bonuses of anywhere from $1 to $1,000 and even higher. Most, of course, will average in the $5-$100 range and come in the form of free spins, time-restricted play at certain casino games or cash up front.

The higher no-deposit bonuses, from $500 to $1,000 for example, will likely have many restrictions on them and be difficult to actually cash out. The smaller bonuses, however, usually are typically easy to find and use and, although will have a few restrictions, can really give your casino bankroll a nice boost.

So. What's the Catch with No-Deposit Casino Bonuses?

It’s pretty simple really. Casinos wouldn’t be helping themselves very much if they gave away free money and then proceeded to let people just directly withdraw that money right back into their bank accounts.

You can see where that might go astray, right? So in order to protect themselves, while still offering prospective casino players a nice perk, casino typically put some basic wagering and withdrawal restrictions on the bonus money.

Some casinos, for example, restrict you to only using the bonus on particular games. Some will require you to play a certain amount of spins/hands/deals before you can access that money for withdrawals. Some will put a time limit on the games you can play with the bonus money.

It always, as they say, depends on the fine print and a good rule of thumb is to always check with the casino to see which games they accept for the wagering of no deposit casino bonuses. Don’t be scared of contacting customer service for this; after all, that’s what they’re there for!

It’s always good practice to read up on any rules and conditions which may apply to your bonus money. If you check or no-deposit bonus casino reviews above you’ll see we’ve done most of that legwork for you.

What Kinds of No Deposit Bonuses Can I Get?

casino bonus

As we said above there are different types of no deposit bonuses casinos offer to prospective customers but they mainly consist of three types:

Cash Up Front Bonuses – this no deposit bonus is one the most common bonus forms and basically gives the newly registered person real money put straight into his account. The sum of money usually given is usually between $5 and $50 and will not be able to be withdrawn before certain gambling expectations are met.

Free Spins – A lot of no-deposit casino bonuses come in the form of free slot machine spins. For example you’ll be offered anywhere from 10 to 200 or more free spins  - typically restricted to one or two specific slot machines. Most of the free spin bonuses are offered to enticed new players to open up accounts but they are also frequently sent out by casinos to bring inactive players back to the casino or to reward frequent customers. 

Time-Limit Bonuses – A lot of no-deposit casino bonuses also come in the form of free money that you have to gamble in the online casino over a specific time frame.

These are usually the larger dollar-value bonuses you see advertised online and, as you might expect, are pretty difficult to ever fully redeem. You could for example be given $1,000 to play in two hours – when your time is up, whatever you’ve won in that time is your bonus. 

All of these types of no deposit bonuses have their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately you’re not losing any of your own money so it’s more than worth a try before you venture into playing real money. 

What is a No-Deposit Bonus Code?

Many no deposit bonus offers require that you enter a code in the cashier area in order to claim it, and these codes can be found directly from us here at in our casino reviews. You will find also get a bonus code sent to you in your verification e-mail sent out by the casino upon registration.

Remember, entering the bonus code and claiming the free cash doesn't mean you're obligated in any way or that you'll be charged any money; it's simply the system commonly used to track and hand out the bonuses as these generous offers normally can only be claimed once per player.

No Deposit Bonus Codes are also offered to existing casino players from time-to-time; be sure to check your inbox and emails from the casino promotions department.

What Else Should You Remember About No-Deposit Bonuses? 

No Deposit Bonuses are bonuses you as a player can acquire without having to deposit money. Not even a single dime. Essentially, it is “free money” from the casino.

Typically, though, no deposit bonuses can’t be withdrawn until after a certain amount of casino playthrough – and, if you have any of it left after that, it still might not be enough to be able to withdraw it. You can still continue to use it for continued casino play, of course.

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Advantages of No Deposit Casinos

As you might guess the biggest advantage of a no-deposit bonus is simply that you’re not using any of your own money to play your (or find your new) favorite casino game. If you’re just putting your toe in the online casino waters it’s a fast, fun and safe way to get your feet wet with an online casino and see just how much you’re interested in playing.

You can also dabble in games you’d never try in real life, just for kicks, without ever worrying about losing your own money.

Like other online casino bonus offers, the goal of casinos when they offer no deposit bonuses is to encourage you to play on their site. They know that it can be intimidating for some players to start playing for real money and that the opportunity to play with nothing at risk is very enticing.

It's the same principle as when casinos in Las Vegas offer guests free play coupons on slots and other games, as that little push is often all it takes for a player to leap right in. From the player perspective, a no deposit free bonus can be used to try real money games for the first time or to explore and try out new games risk-free.

Players can always deposit more money later (and in many cases can qualify for new player signup bonuses when they do), so it's like a test drive in many ways to try out various online casinos and games. 

Exclusive No-Deposit Bonus Codes via Casino Toplists

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you of the boundless advantages of no deposit bonus we have an extra bone to throw in via our curated No-Deposit toplist above. Unlike other casino review sites we have looked at and played at every casino featured and, because we love to gamble ourselves, we know just what a player wants.

We’ve rated each and every casino above that offer no-deposit bonuses in the areas which matter most, such as quality of bonus, promotions, software quality, reputation, customer service and choice of casino games.

How to Claim Your No Deposit Bonus

In order to claim one of these offers, you will need to create and register a new account at an online casino via our review page. To do so you'll need to download the casino software safeely and securely via our review link and enter any bonus code listed in the review.

Once you’ve begun the process you’ll be asked to provide your email address and verify your age.  Be sure to enter the bonus code in the proper field during this process. Each site has different guidelines so visit the promotions tab to review all of the promotions on offer and the specific terms and conditions associated with each of them.

As we said, most no deposit bonuses include specific wagering terms and requirements that have to be satisfied before you can cash out any of your winnings.

Don’t be discouraged by that though – as long as you remember no-deposit bonuses are there to provide you with a bit of fun and an extra fews spins rather than make you rich, you won’t be disappointed.

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