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Secure Online Casinos

Secure Online Casinos

Every player who gambles online wants to know that the sites they are choosing to open accounts with are safe and secure online casinos. Security is probably the number one concern among players who gamble online.

A secure online casino has to:

  • Use encryption software to protect your personal financial information.

  • Make sure personal information, name, address, phone number and financial transactions never are shared with any third party.

This is the bare minimum for you to even consider providing your credit-card numbers and making a first deposit.

Before you conduct business with a specific gambling website, read the casino reviews here on CasinoToplists or at some other trusted casino-game portal.  We take pride in ourselves on providing up-to-date assessments of the top casino website on the Internet.

Take the time to read up on the casino you wish to join. You’ll benefit from that in the long run.

Well-Known Sites Are More Secure

The most secure online casinos are (almost always) the sites that are the most well-established. Look for how many players are playing at a given site and check the sites' affiliations. That's not to stay you should never try out the occasional new online casino - but it's imperative that you take extra care in ensuring it has been checked and reviewed by an online casino guide such as first. 

Reliable sites will offer services that simply aren't available at less than reputable online casinos. Make sure the casino offers customer support. If real-time support chat, email, or a toll free number aren't available on the site that you wish to join, find another place to play.

Secure online casinos also have policies against players working together. Certain programs track the number of times that two players play in the same game and if the site suspects these players of collusion and cheating, the players will be banned from the site for life.

If you suspect foul play, contact the website immediately.

Read Online-Casino Reviews

Secure online casinos are the only way to gamble online. Read assessments of the sites you intend to join and check out the specific policies of a website before depositing your money. If the site does not protect your personal info or does not offer support, then forget about it.

If the payout and disconnection policies are strange, then keep looking. Don't sell yourself short, there's enough information out there to guarantee that secure online casinos are the only sites you choose for your online gambling needs.

All casinos listed at have shown great security and financial stability in the past.

Quick Casino Security FAQ

Are my transactions safe?

You should always make sure that you are protected online and this is a very legitimate concern in this day and age but your transactions are very well secured. Online casinos use the same encryption on their web pages that banks and credit card use so you know that your transactions, personal information and credit card info is safe!

How do I know that the outcomes are random and not fixed?

Every online casino uses a random number generator, meaning that every spin, deal or roll is isolated and not affected by past or future occurrences.  That also means that there is no sense in trying to count cards while playing online blackjack. Every deal is a new deal and isolated from what happened before in the game and in the process it makes card counting useless.

Is my privacy protected by the casino where I'm playing?

Like we mentioned before, online casinos take your privacy very seriously and that's why they use the best encryption possible (128-bit SSL) on their websites. Be assured then that your private information is safe.

Can I track my deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. Most online casinos provide their players with their complete history of deposits and withdrawals, so should you ever have an issue with the casino, the past transaction history can be accessed and viewed.