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Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune

Who can forget one of the most memorable gameshow concepts in the history of television? A large, colourful, spinning wheel displaying various numbers representing a cash amount which the contestant could win by spinning the wheel and hoping for the best. Yes, we’re talking about the memorable Wheel of Fortune, a game that’s been provoking, screams, sighs, oohs and ahhs for generations. This HTML 5 variation on the classic TV gameshow may be played on any mobile device, as it’s supported by Windows, Android, Apple and Blackberry platforms and is playable through all of the principal web browsers. It’s Wheel of Fortune simplified!

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About Wheel of Fortune

Thinking of the gameshow variant of Wheel of Fortune may incite several thoughts. Perhaps an obnoxious, over-dressed gameshow host with an overly accentuated smile and a bad hair do; maybe a dreary word game that may eventually lead a contestant to have a go at spinning the wheel; possibly an audience that noticeably clap and cheer on que; or maybe a tacky, 1980s-style television set adorned in bright, outrageous colours and designs. This HTML 5 version of Wheel of Fortune comes with none of these annoyances. It’s the very best part of the gameshow variant (spinning the wheel), with a cash stake added to each spin; that’s it!

What about the Gameplay, Visuals and Sounds?

Wheel of Fortune runs beautifully, both on mobile devices and otherwise. It’s effortless and slick; no bugs, no delays, no ghost images, no problem. As far as graphics and animation go, the game won’t mesmerise you, especially when considering what’s out in the world of gaming these days. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that the game lacks in visual appeal however. It’s extremely colourful, vibrant, busy and there’s just something about it that keeps you hooked for a next spin. The audio is complementary. It just adds to the experience by sounding typical to the game and serves to immerse the player.

How to play Wheel of Fortune

There’s really nothing to it. Three buttons are all a player has to contend with. First, decide on the dollar amount you wish to stake on the next spin. This is controlled via two buttons, a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘. The minimum bet is $100 and the maximum, $1000. Bets may be increased or decreased in increments of $100. As the player’s bet increases, so do the dollar amounts on the wheel. The higher the bet, the higher the possible win. Once the bet is set, just hit the ‘spin’ button and watch the wheel rotate. The number on which the marker stops corresponds to the player’s winnings for that spin. Easy peasy!

Concluding Remarks

This version of Wheel of Fortune is as straightforward as they come. Just bet and spin the wheel. And with only seven of twenty section of the wheel delivering a loss in relation to the player’s wager, the chances to win are phenomenal! Giving this one a try is a no brainer. 

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